Insoluble beta cyclodextrin polymer factory price from Binzhou Zhiyuan

Insoluble beta cyclodextrin polymer factory price from Binzhou Zhiyuan


Quick Details

  • Product name:soluble beta cyclodextrin polymer 

  • Other name: Water soluble polymer cyclodextrins

  • CAS No.: 25655-42-9


Insoluble cyclodextrin polymers synthesized by cross-linking copolymerization of cyclodextrin have amorphous spatial network structure, water-soluble cyclodextrin polymers have high water solubility (>50%). On the basis of retaining the original cavity of cyclodextrin, the outer space of the network structure of cyclodextrin can also bind guest molecules, thus exhibiting much better inclusion and solubilization ability than monomer cyclodextrins and derivatives. 


Application range:

High safety and strong encapsulation capabilities make water-soluble cyclodextrin polymers as new functional materials widely used in cosmetics, sanitary products, daily chemicals, perfume and flavor, coloring materials, natural products extraction, environmental monitoring, pollution remediation, pesticide formulations, animal feed, building materials and other fields.