Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin in the medical field

1. Increase the water solubility of insoluble drugs

Hydroxypropyl -β-cyclodextrin is easily soluble in water, and its solubility is generally greater than 50g / 100mL at room temperature, and even more than 80g / 100mL. When the concentration is less than 40%, the fluidity is good and the viscosity is not large. Used in the pharmaceutical industry to improve the solubility of drugs without the use of organic solvents, surfactants and lipids. Insoluble drugs can be encapsulated with it to significantly increase water solubility. The concentration of hydroxypropyl -β-cyclodextrin increased linearly after the compound was formed.


2. Improve drug stability and bioavailability

In the process of storage, drugs are affected by light, heat, humidity and many other factors, which directly affect the quality of drugs. Therefore, stability is an important evaluation index. Hydroxypropyl -β-cyclodextrin inclusion of drugs, drugs into the hole, can play a role in preventing drug volatilization, sublimation, oxidation and photodecomposition.

The inclusion of hydroxypropyl -β -cyclodextrin with fast dissolution, rapid release, and can increase the biological absorption of drugs, is conducive to improve the bioavailability of drugs.


3. Reduce the toxic and side effects of drugs

The toxicity and irritation of insoluble drugs can be significantly reduced by complexing and changing the route of drug delivery.

Hydroxypropyl -β-cyclodextrin can be used as a carrier for oral drugs, injections, mucosal delivery systems (including nasal mucosa, rectum, cornea, etc.), transdermal absorption delivery systems, lipophile targeted drugs, as well as protein protectants and stabilizers.



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