Hydroxypropyl betadex

Hydroxypropyl betadex (cas no: 128446-35-5), zhiyuan biological hydroxypropropyl betadex CDE registration number: F20209990366 hydroxypropyl betadex production approval, approval number: lu medicine F2015001, we can provide a full set of documents required by the pharmaceutical declaration, hydroxypropyl betadex has been the FDA record, DMF record number 030168, zhiyuan biological is strictly in accordance with GMP standards, zhiyuan biological has a strong supply capacity, hydroxypropyl betadex annual output 3000 Tons.


This product is a white or class white amorphous or crystalline powder.This product is easily soluble in water or propylene glycol, easily soluble in methanol or ethanol, and almost insoluble in acetone or trichloromethane.


The company obtained the drug production license in 2013, and has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management system certification, ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and safety Management system certification.Hydroxypropyl betadex and sulfa butyta sodium cyclodextrin have all been registered in the FDA and successfully registered in the CDE.Hydroxypropyl betadex oral grade record registration number F20209990366 (transferred "A"), injection grade registration number F20180001469, sulfobutyl hexodextrin CDE registration number F2 0190000285, has passed the related audit site audit, the CDE registration number F20210000272, has been jointly declared with many well-known pharmaceutical enterprises at home and abroad.The products have independent intellectual property rights and are sold to many countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, South America, the Middle East and other regions. They have passed the audit of many domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Gilead Science, Shisheng Pharmaceutical and Lizhu Pharmaceutical Group and won great recognition and praise!


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